A Point-of-Sale System Created Exclusively for Restaurants 

Breakaway Vision is the most robust and reliable point-of-sale management system available for most delivery, quick-service and fast casual restaurant operations.  Vision streamlines every aspect of your operation including order taking, credit card processing, kitchen management, deliveries, inventory, and customer marketing, to make your business more efficient and profitable.

Originally released in 2000, Breakaway Vision is a 100% Windows-based system that provides a full range of capabilities for your store operations.  The system is designed to provide everything from store operations to business management and analysis to customer relationship management and direct marketing tools.

You can couple Vision with Breakaway Iris Online Ordering or InSight Enterprise Reporting Solution for even more integrated features - stop the hassle of trying to get a third party online software to work with your system.  We've got everything you need, all in one place!  It’s just one of many ways Breakaway is changing the industry, providing products to increase your revenue, enhance the guest experience, and improve your bottom line.

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Major Features Include:

  • Fully integrated with your Breakaway Iris Online Ordering and InSight Enterprise Reporting Solutions
  • Quick Credit Card Processing
  • Delivery Driver Dispatch & Directions with Google Maps Integration
  • Tip Management
  • Integrated Caller-ID
  • Timed Order Capabilities
  • Easy Option Grouping - display setting that make it easy to order
  • Direct Touch Bump Bar
  • No long term contracts
  • Sales & Inventory Tracking
  • Ambidextrous Order-Taking
  • Language Independence
  • Store Operations & Business Management Module
  • Staff Optimization & Labor Reports
  • Easily Modify Orders with a simple interface
  • Integrates with Quickbooks
  • Marketing Analysis Tools (CRM)
  • Customer Marketing tools
  • Desktop Extension - launch applications with a single click or touch of the screen


POSBuilt with Microsoft’s SQL Server database, this software is easy to use and completely customizable, from the intuitive touch screen display and menu setup to graphics and terminology.  It also offers accounts receivable management, integrated mapping, Caller ID, credit card authorization, tip management, and the most advanced targeted marketing program available, putting a wealth of data on customer histories and preferences at your fingertips.  

Breakaway Vision Point-of-Sale
 is much more than just a way to accept payments.  If you are seeking a solution to your current POS problems, or searching for a faster and more efficient software program, Breakaway has many options to choose from.  Schedule a free demo with one of our representatives to test drive the best POS system on the market today!

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