Insight Enterprise Reporting

Access your restaurant data from anywhere in the world.

Managing multi-unit restaurants is now easier than ever - InSight Enterprise

Collecting, synthesizing, and communicating vital business information across your organization is a major challenge.  
InSight, Breakaway's Enterprise Reporting solution solves this by offering easy access to all of your restaurant data through a secure, web-based interface from anywhere in the world.

Breakaway InSight Enterprise, formerly called Breakaway Enterprise, 
is a corporate communications portal and data warehouse for your multi-unit restaurant organization providing business operations decision support and disaster recovery all in one affordable package. Access individual, consolidated and comparative management reports by seamlessly connecting all of your restaurants using Breakaway Vision point-of-sale solution.

InSight, you can have the same comprehension of your restaurant's operations with none of the hassle and a fraction of the cost paid by large corporations.  Without expensive software and hardware to purchase and maintain, you can focus on what you do best—delivering a high-quality product and top-notch customer service in a highly competitive marketplace.  Begin taking advantage of Breakaway InSight Enterprise solutions today.

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Major Features Include:

Information Management
  • Fully integrated with your Breakaway Vision Point-of-Sale system.
  • Access all your stores' data from the internet at any time.
  • NEW "Daily Summary" Mobile Report Feature included for free.
  • Individual, comparative and consolidated multi-site reports that include sales, operational, inventory, payroll, financial, product mix and many others.
  • Group administrators can create multiple master and sub-groups for reporting on regional, geographical and/or organizational data sets.
  • Microsoft SQL Server data is replicated using our exclusive Breakaway Exchange technology.

Corporate Communications
  • Dynamically customize content to create your own corporate extranet utilizing the DNN content management system.
  • Communicate with your management and employees using built-in tools for events, announcements, surveys and newsletters.
  • Document management for online access to operational procedures, training manuals, product rollouts, HR policies, multi-media materials and franchise guidelines.
  • Moderate discussion forums to generate open dialogue on important topics such as sales building, cost cutting, management techniques and industry trends.
  • Customers can choose to operate on a shared portal site or select their own domain name such as
  • Choose required document storage space with dedicated domain option.

Insight Reporting on Computer

Managed Hosting Services
  • Critical business data is located in a secure data center with 24/7 technical administration including hardware, operating system and applications support.
  • Fast and reliable internet access to bandwidth mesh of redundant, Tier-1 Internet backbone carriers.
  • Restaurant data is compressed and encrypted then sent. 
  • Reliable data centers with cooling and humidity controls via redundant, multi-zone HVAC.
  • Controlled access to all entry points with multi-layered physical and electronic security system, security team and video surveillance.

Increasing efficiency through centralized restaurant data, improving decision support, enhancing corporate communications and professional customer service  are some of the reasons why Breakaway brings so much value to your organization. Begin taking advantage of Breakaway InSight Enterprise solutions today.

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